Northshore High School's FIRST Robotics Team 1912 Combustion, located in Slidell, Louisiana, was established in the fall of 2005 by a small group of seniors. Since then, we have expanded into a diverse family of mentoring professionals and enthusiastic students from all grades. In 2014, we welcomed former FRC 4668 from Salmen High into our Combustion framework, keeping FIRST burning brightly throughout our community. As we implemented the values and goals of FIRST throughout the seasons, every student was able to leave the team enriched with vital science, engineering, and real-life skills. The overwhelming task of building a functioning, effective robot within six weeks challenges students to communicate, cooperate, and learn as a team. Throughout this intense timeframe team members absorb everything from project management to programming and power-drilling, and become dedicated to promoting science and technology. Our love for teamwork and engineering extends into the off-season with demos, volunteering, workshops, and camps throughout the region. With so many places to go and events to run, students here at Northshore discover that building the robot is only the beginning of their FIRST experience.

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For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a distinctive style of sport designed to challenge the mind instead of the body in order to help foster a love for science and engineering in young adults. FIRST challenges its members to "transform our culture" using unique methods to educate their communities. Each year a new game is unveiled with its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. Teams across the world must.. Read more

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Building Louisiana Science and Technology

Since its founding in 2003, BLaST (Building Louisiana Science and Technology) has energetically worked "to enrich science and technology learning for the students of Louisiana." BLaST supports FIRST at all levels by coordinating various events for Louisiana and Mississippi. In the fall, FLL district qualifiers are sponsored by BLaST, culminating in the state FLL championship. The Jr.FLL State Exposition is held at the same time, showcasing the enthusiasm of elementary students throughout the state. For FRC teams, BLaST organizes the Bayou Regional in tandem with the Bayou Planning Committee. Inaugurated during the 2007 season, the Bayou Regional has attracted teams from across the country, with 11 states represented by the 55 teams that competed in 2013. Additionally, BLaST sponsors the FRC JumpStart build, where veteran teams mentor rookies to give them a solid start to the season. 1912 has collaborated with BLaST by co-hosting the JumpStart build as well as organizing the 2012 Jr.FLL State Expo, and we will continue our partnership to ignite STEM across our shared region.

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